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Bertrand Pinard

Tel : 06 42 02 93 33








Born in Paris in 1972 and having been in a sporty environment since his younger age, Bertrand becomes passionate for golf by 15 and becomes a professional in 1995. 

His experiences in french and international clubs, the variety of the public he has trained and his implication in the federal sector have helped him become a golf teacher that is complete and respectful of his sport.

Playing golf is a mindset, a way to express challenge, sharing and self control.  

His teaching is based upon an individual approach, simple and effective. He likes suggesting fun exercices which allows you to approach the technical aspect of the golf’s swing. 

The short game and the Driving are his favorite sectors. 

Bertrand has been teaching at the Golf Club du Grand Saint-Emilionnais since July 2019 and has been using the newest technics.  


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