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Enjoy the art of 



In the fabled terroir of Saint-Emilion in southwest France, an exceptional residential estate beckons you: Domaine Golfique du Grand Saint-Emilionnais.

A world crafted to indulge your taste for living well. Infinite grand revelations lie in store. 


Now, anticipate the very first: the opportunity of privileged ownership at the Domaine. Get ready to savour a truly French village ambience and live the epicurean lifestyle. A great story is about to unfold. 


― Ansel Adams

At home,



Domaine Golfique du Grand Saint-Emilionnais nestles in the heart of the rustic Bordeaux region, a short hop from Mérignac international airport. Few places are as breathtaking. 

Relish the lyrical poetry of nature.


Two hundred and fifty acres of kaleidoscopic countryside composed of pond-dotted meadows, bucolic woodlands and spectacular vine-covered slopes. Surrounded by legendary châteaux and prestigious wine localities, breathe la belle vie. 



ideally located to soak up the sun

forms the backdrop to the Domaine


The high ground of the Domaine dominates vast expanses of woodland, meadows and vines. In the distance, the château of the philosopher Montaigne rises above the tree canopy. A landscape of sheer magic.

In the heart of the Domain stands the 19th-century ruins of the Château de Goffre with its outbuildings, stables and barn.


The historic buildings, the magnificent trees, the gentle rolling land, the views of Gardegan village and of the nearby vineyards create a feeling that this is a special place. 


Few places in the world will combine so many opportunities for pleasure, in the noblest sense of the word!



Golf Saint-Emilion

© Philippe Roy


the perfume of a rich past



A wonderful wine grows from its context. The unique blend of sun, 

soil and spirit that leaves an unforgettable impression. 

Saint-Emilion personifies the deepest roots of winemaking, 

yielding classified first growth wines that are appreciated worldwide. 


Its vineyards and picturesque medieval town have been listed

a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Now, its rewarding legacy

and sacred lifestyle extend a warm invitation.


A palette of


Experience convivial village life à la française. Immerse yourself in a fabulous 

fusion of food, wine and culture. And there is much more to relish. Like mingling 

with friends in the convivial village square, strolling down to the bakery for 

a baguette, or heading off for a panoramic walk on one of the estate’s idyllic 

footpaths. Share the rich cultural and culinary heritage of the Saint-Emilion 

terroir and taste its joie de vivre. Create lifetime family traditions. 


French Art de Vivre,



Reveal a radiant pedestrian world destined

to charm lovers of golf, spa care, wine and culinary art. 

And every day, the promise of adventure.

Live the experience! 


Ancre Debarre Duplantiers


Laurent Duplantier


Anouk Debarre


An idyllic setting in a hundred hectares, many activities, the most exciting prospects for relaxation and recreation ... The classic elegance of the homes goes beautifully with the romantic ruins of the nineteenth century rehabilitated in the area and atmosphere of yesteryear southwest of France.


Timeless elegance


Stamp and lots of distinction ... The architecture brilliantly revisits the traditions,

in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

The layout has been carefully designed to offer the best views of the surroundings.

And the spectacle of the campaign of sight alone is a treat.



remarkable for its character


Drawing on the mansions of the late eighteenth, the architects designed an ambitious residential complex, in the purest local style.

Here and there, one is seduced by the refined details and noble materials.


Thank you for your interest in Domaine Golfique du Grand Saint-Emilionnais. Please kindly fill in your contact details in order for us to answer your queries promptly.

172 Goffre, 33350 Gardegan et Tourtirac, FRANCE

Tel: + 33 (0)5 57 40 88 64 |

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